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Preparing to move a house can be a daunting task. There are so many decisions; especially the decision of whether or not to undertake the move itself. This book covers all the steps involved in the structural moving process.




From making the initial decision, various moving techniques, budgeting and funding to getting a contractor, obtaining permits, and finding the right site; this roadmap will assist you once you make a definite decision to move a particular house. It is also worth noting that the author is knowledgeable about historic structures and is a structural engineer.


This information is valuable to anyone moving a house or even contemplating this type of project. The information is geared towards historic properties. This is actually beneficial. Minimizing damage is one of the most important concerns in house moving. The process for minimizing damage to a historical house would definitely help protect a house that is not historical, but important to you. Get this book today and educate yourself about the interesting and complex process of transporting an entire home.



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