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Steps to Your Dream Home


  1. List the Characteristics of Your Dream House

    Some of the characteristics of your new home will be heavily influenced by the size of your family. These could include the amount of rooms. Other features will be based on the preferences of each person. This could include things like the architectural style, real wood floors, or fireplaces. There will also be other things that will fall in a grey area. Are the items on your list wants or needs?

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Structure on Pier & Beams

This free structure is already on pier and beams which will facilitate the moving process.

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A 1940s farmhouse is free if you move it to another location.

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Two Houses


If you move a smaller house across the street for the present owners, you will receive another larger house on the same lot in return.

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Northwest Polk City House

A five bedroom, one bath house is available for free if you can move the building to another location within 90 days of accepting the offer.

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