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A children’s hospital is offering $20,000 to move this three-bedroom house. The building is a 1,040-square-foot house. It is located at 5204 Martin Luther King Jr. Way on the corner of 52nd Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way in North Oakland. Original construction still remaining in the house includes the kitchen cupboards, dining room built-in hutch, and bathroom tile.

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The Parkhill House, a 1300 sq. ft. structure built in 1886 by a 19th century Southport merchant, is being offered free. The building is located on Dry Street in downtown Southport and is currently in use as an office building for a parish. The free offer comes with the stipulation that the new owner moves the building and leaves it intact to preserve the history of the house, church, and town.

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Front Exterior Laughinghouse-Fawcett

Front Exterior - Preservation NC


Back Exterior Laughinghouse-Fawcett

Back Exterior - Preservation NC


Kitchen Laughinghouse-Fawcett

Kitchen - Preservation NC


Dining Room Laughinghouse-Fawcett

Dining Room - Preservation NC


Staircase & Victorian Hall Screen Laughinghouse-Fawcett

Staircase & Victorian Hall Screen - Preservation NC


Original Fireplace Mantel Laughinghouse-Fawcett

Original Fireplace Mantel - Preservation NC


First Floor Plan Laughinghouse-Fawcett

First Floor Plan - Preservation NC


Second Floor Plan Laughinghouse-Fawcett

Second Floor Plan - Preservation NC

It’s no laughing matter that this free Laughinghouse-Fawcett house (sometimes Fawcett is seen as Faucette and the building is also less commonly known as “Oakland Farm”) needs to be moved in order to be saved from demolition. This structure has been identified by the State Historic Preservation Office as being “the most highly detailed and eclectic Colonial Revival farmhouse” in Pitt County. The building is a 4339 square feet wood clapboard house with six bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths.

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The Schultz House, a three-story Victorian Gothic building is available for free to anyone that can move the building and clear the lot. The house was built in 1900 and has a noticeable architectural feature of a turret topped with a pointed spire. The building served as prior offices for a number of attorneys and accountants. However, the structure can easily be converted into a home with at least five bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths.

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Reynolda Rd House for Upset Bids

Upset Bids with no minimum amount required are being solicited by the City of Winston-Salem for a one-and-a-half story house with four bedrooms and two baths that needs to be moved to another lot. Offers should be sent to the City Council for approval. The City Council meets once a month. After receiving an acceptable offer, the bids will be subject to provisions of N.C.G.S. 160A-269, an Upset Bid procedure.

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