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The Parkhill House, a 1300 sq. ft. structure built in 1886 by a 19th century Southport merchant, is being offered free. The building is located on Dry Street in downtown Southport and is currently in use as an office building for a parish. The free offer comes with the stipulation that the new owner moves the building and leaves it intact to preserve the history of the house, church, and town.

The church that owns the building built its chapel in Southport in 1843 and since then has purchased and built several buildings on Dry Street. However, the church rents out the Southport Community Center for large functions and plans to build a fellowship community center to accommodate the size of its congregation. The Parkhill House must be moved to obtain the space for this community center.

The area of Southport has seen the moving of many historic houses in the past. Moving this house will most likely mean cutting the house into pieces. Estimates for moving the structure range from $20,000 to $80,000. The building is also in need of repairs.



St. Philips Episcopal Church of Southport

Master Planning Chairman Bill Bittenbender

Interim Rector Betty Glover