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Get a free house. If you can move a house, it's yours.

Obtain information and find resources about free and low cost homes. The "free houses" in our listings are free and have no purchase price. Usually, these homes must be moved from their present location. In addition, the houses may be historic and might also be in need of some type of restoration.

Other houses on this site are not free in terms of purchase price. They are either low cost or a great value for the asking price. These homes may either be sold with their current lot or may also have to be moved to another location. The purchase price can range from a nominal amount to about the cost of or even less than obtaining a free house (with the inclusion of moving costs). Also, be aware that some houses have stipulations set in place by the present owners or other organizations.


A potential home purchase must be balanced against the cost of moving, rehabilitation, or other pertinent details. These listings are general information. Please confirm all information with the contact person or organization before arriving at a purchase decision or accepting a free home.


If you have information on any available free homes, please see the "contact" page. You may also enjoy exploring the links and articles under the "resources" menu.