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Mill Manager’s House

Move this historic Mill Manager’s House in Craven County at 907 N. Craven Street and the house is yours. The structure was built circa 1908 by Roper Lumber Mill as a home for the mill manager. There are seven rooms over approximately 2850 sq. ft. The layout of the two-story house follows a side-hall plan with both floors containing large rooms. There is also a front porch and a trap door that leads to an attic.

Because of its condition, the current value of the structure based on Craven County property records is $460. The overall building is in need of rehabilitation, but there is an intact staircase. Repairs or replacements are needed for the doors, interior walls, and exterior walls.

The house was bought by the Caufeys about 20 years ago. The Caufeys did some minor repairs, such as replacing windows and removing asbestos, then sold the property to Coastal Lumber Company. Since then the house has remained vacant. The current owner of the house and two adjoining lots is Craven Street Partners LLC. The company wants to develop the land and demolish the structure. Craven Street Partners LLC previously purchased the old New Bern Oil & Fertilizer grain silos and imploded them in January 2016.

If not moved, the Mill Manager’s House faces a fate similar to the old New Bern Oil & Fertilizer grain silos. The New Bern Preservation Foundation contacted Craven Street Partners in an attempt to save the building. Craven Street Partners has allowed time for the foundation to find a mover. Since then the Preservation Foundation found a potential mover of the building, but the individual did not go ahead with the move.

Whoever moves the building must obtain a demolition permit. This demolition permit must cover removing the house from the foundation. A building permit and a Certificate of Appropriateness must also be obtained from the New Bern Historic Preservation Commission. Any lines crossing the street on the path to the new lot must be taken down by crews before the move. Besides the cost of the move and a new lot, the new owner needs to cover costs for pouring of footers on the new lot. The new owner is also required to enter a contract with the Preservation Foundation to restore the house within three years and sign a permanent covenant to maintain the house.

Any potential movers should contact The Preservation Foundation before purchasing a lot to ensure that the lot meets the requirements of the foundation’s Certificate of Appropriateness. The Preservation Foundation may also able to offer assistance in finding and purchasing a suitable lot. Some prospective lots have been located along Queen, East Front, and Hancock Streets. Although the Preservation Foundation has a number of covenant and restoration requirements applicable to the Mill Manager’s House, the building does not have to remain a house and could be used as office space.

One estimate for moving and foundation costs is $25,000. Purchasing, instead of already owing a lot, would run a minimum of $35,000. Depending on the lot, the cost could be as much as $75,000 to $95,000. After the move, the restoration costs are estimated at $125,000. Total project cost is estimated to range from $185,000 to $245,000 within the New Bern area. This amount could be considered a bargain at $65 to $86 per square foot since this is less than the prevailing $100 per square foot for new construction.





John Young

New Bern Preservation Foundation


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Nancy Hollows, Director

New Bern Preservation Foundation